Monday, November 8, 2010

College Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are going back to school! They are going to graduate with a degree in organizational management. Bed bugs are on their way to becoming a way of life for college students across the country as the bed bug epidemic grows in vast proportions across dorm rooms and apartments across the US of A. We are almost of the philosophy that getting bed bugs in your dorm room, apartment buildings and even your home is not "if" you get bed bugs but "when" you get bed bugs. The transient nature of students makes the dorm room the perfect storm for bed bugs to grow and travel and spread and the unfortunate fact is that these bugs will travel with the student to their homes, to the movie theater they went to on Friday night and the restaurant or bar they went to on Saturday night. Bed bugs are here to stay and it is time to organize to stop them. What are your thoughts?